7 Day Core Intensive

Alignment fundamentals that will last a lifetime! Focus on the basic principles of proper alignment and how to practice them in your daily life. This seven part workshop was designed to be completed over the course of 7 days, 15 minutes per day culminating into TWO full length classes on the last day.

  • Approved for .3 ACE Credits

In just 7-days you can:

-Learn proper alignment for all core work positions for your Dailey Method practice or any physical practice you have.
-Learn proper set up and engagement to ensure your best benefits in every position
-Develop a stronger core to help support your posture 
-Attain abdominal toning and strength benefits you may have never thought possible!
-Learn how to truly engage your core properly and keep the work out of your neck
-Find alignment to help offset muscular or spinal injuries or pain
-Learn how to hold your body in proper alignment to move through life gracefully

Type: Digital Training