dailey strength challenge

What can you gain in 20 minutes a day?

Gain strength and increase your metabolism, in just 5 efficient classes a week and



Created by Jill Dailey to help you gain full-body strength, increase your metabolism and stamina, all while engaging and moving your body into optimal alignment, in just 20 minutes a day (good things do come in small packages)! Each day will build upon the next, move with Jill for 5 days a week and we challenge you NOT to see and feel results. See how your strength transforms as you revisit this trusted workout week after week. Classes are pre-recorded so you may work out on your own schedule.


20 minutes a day, 5 days a week

Full-Body workout

Large muscle groups = higher caloric burn

Perfect supplement to your in-studio practice

Fun challenge for the whole family (yes, your kids will love it too)

Accessible for all levels

No other props besides weights

Get your legs ready for winter sports

At just 20 minutes a day, this challenge is attainable for all

join 50,000+ happy subscribers


Who should sign up for this course?

The whole family... literally! In fact, we encourage you to complete this challenge with your spouse, friends or family. Everyone in your family will benefit from Dailey Strength. 

What if I can’t start on December 6th?

Feel free to join this challenge anytime before the end of the year; however, when you join by November 8th you will have access for the full challenge.  Joining anytime after simply means your challenge will cover less time. The five, 20-minute classes are pre-recorded so you may work out on your own schedule.

How much time do I need for the challenge?

Only 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week. One of the many benefits of the Dailey Strength Challenge is the flexibility of time. 

Do I need equipment for the Dailey Strength Challenge?

No other props besides weights (household items work too, as long as equal weight is in each hand)


Jill Dailey is a true innovator of the dance barre fitness revolution on the West Coast. A degreed Kinesiologist, Jill found that her true passion was helping people align their bodies and transform their lives through fitness. Seeking the most advanced methods to sculpt the body, Jill became an early trainee of the famed Lotte Berk method. Taking what she learned through the Lotte Berk Method in New York City and her training as a Pilates Instructor, Jill brought barre to California and opened her first Studio in San Francisco in 2000. With a strong emphasis on creating a healthy spine and strong core, it uses micro-movements and stretches to tone the entire body. The Dailey Method classes not only help people get in the best shape of their lives but also helps to recover from or offset injuries and move more gracefully through life. 

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