Dailey power


Dailey Power combines our top five programs for one low price. 

With Dailey Power you will:

Our top five programs for one low price

  • Get 21 days of balanced workouts 

  • Build strength, flexibility, and confidence
  • Tone every part of your body with targeted workouts

  • Gain access to 5 Dailey Programs at one very low price

  • Feel challenged and empowered

What do you get with Dailey Power? 

The benefits of 5 Programs in 1 easy to follow 21-day plan.

The benefit of our top programs in one easy to follow plan


Your head-to-toe results are waiting. Kick up the intensity on your fitness routine with our new 21-day power program. Target your arms, seat and thigh, core (and all the muscles in between) with workouts that are hard on your muscles yet easy on your joints.

  • Dailey Arm Challenge

  • Dailey Strength Challenge
  • Seat & Thigh Challenge

  • 7-Day Core Intensive

  • Stretch & Release

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Who should sign up for this course?

This program is great for various lifestyles. Those that are busy with summer adventures but don't want to lose strength and stamina, those that want to supplement their studio workouts with additional strength work, and those that want one amazing price for FIVE full programs.

Do I get to keep the programs after the 21 days?

Yes! This is an amazing opportunity to get five strength based programs for one low price and you will gain access to all of them forever with the purchase of Dailey Power.

How much time do I need for the challenge?

Some days are as little as 20 minutes and others are closer to a full hour. 

Do I need equipment for Dailey Power.

No other props besides weights (household items work too, as long as equal weight is in each hand) and a device to follow the workout.

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7 Day Core Intensive
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Dailey Stretch and Release
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Dailey Strength Challenge
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Dailey Arm Challenge: Strengthen & Tone
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Dailey Seat & Thigh Express