find your edge

Go Beyond the Basics and deepen your skills in five dailey exercises

Hone in on alignment, learn the fundamentals of exercises and challenge yourself to find your edge with classic Dailey Method exercises.

Join Jill Dailey and dive deep into five Dailey Method exercises to identify your room for growth, learn the fundamentals and challenge yourself to find your edge with each Dailey Method exercise.

With Find Your Edge you will:

  • Deepen your skills for all five exercises

  • Find the sweet spot in challenging yourself

  • Increase strength in each exercise

Growth happens in the edge

Starting with the basics gives you the advantage of truly finding alignment and engagement - which will lead you to greater success in everything you do. In Find Your Edge, we will focus on squat, straight arm plank, flat back floor, push ups, and hamstring / splits stretch to learn how to deepen each exercise, challenge ourselves and push our limits, but not at the expense of our health or well-being.

"I’m very excited about this new program both for my students and for myself. " -Jill Dailey

I developed this program to help support you in truly understanding your ability in five traditional Dailey Method exercises and to help you find your edge.  Finding your edge doesn't mean to push yourself as hard as you can, it means to help you reach the sweet spot where you're comfortable with the discomfort. You’ll learn and understand your options in each exercise to progress, challenge yourself and work deeper. Although we'll be working on classic barre exercises, these exercises also translate to any workout you’re doing.

-Jill Dailey


Who should sign up for this course?

This program is designed for anyone and everyone looking to increase the challenge in basic Dailey Method exercises.

Do I get to keep the programs after I complete it?

Yes! Find Your Edge is not a one and done program, it is yours to use anytime you'd like to challenge yourself.

How much time do I need for Find Your Edge?

Approximately 20 minutes

Do I need equipment for Find Your Edge?

No other props besides weights (household items work too, as long as equal weight is in each hand) and a device to follow the workout.

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