peak performance

Strength 2.0

Designed to get your heart pumping and muscles burning, this full-body barre workout series will leave you feeling stronger and more energized in just 20 minutes a day.

Turn up the heat with Peak Performance, a series of 5, 20 minute workouts that combine barre and interval for highly effective workouts, designed to be repeated for 4-8 weeks for maximum results.

With Peak Performance you will:

  • Build full-body strength

  • Improve muscular and cardiovascular endurance

  • Gain muscle density and definition

  • Take your practice to the next level in 20 minutes a day

Stronger. fitter. faster.

Get the results you want even during the busiest season of the year, with Peak Performance. In this 5-day workout series, you will target your arms, core, seat and thigh (and all the muscles in between) with 20-minute workouts designed to help you reach peak performance.

5, 20-minute workouts, designed to repeat for 4-8 weeks. 

"I’m very excited about this new program both for my students and for myself. " -Jill Dailey

Peak Performance fuses weights, cardiovascular strengthening and barre (of course) to address the internal and external goals so many people are continually striving for. As we move through different stages of our lives, oftentimes our physical needs change as well. When we mix up our workouts, it keeps us challenged both mentally and physically and allows us to continue to progress in our fitness.

Whether you’re 18 or 80 or anywhere in between, I believe this program will help you stay interested in your fitness by adding variety and support you with whatever goals you may be striving for.

-Jill Dailey


Who should sign up for this course?

This program is designed for those low on time but high on motivation. Those that are bogged down with the busyness of the season but don't want to lose strength and stamina.

Do I get to keep the programs after I complete it?

Yes! Dailey Strength 2.0 is not a one and done program, it's designed to be completed for 4-8 results and is yours to start again anytime you'd like to challenge yourself.

How much time do I need for the challenge?

20 minutes a day for 5 days a week. 

Do I need equipment for Peak Performance?

No other props besides weights (household items work too, as long as equal weight is in each hand) and a device to follow the workout.

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