Pre post Natal Program

Your guide to safe movements and modifications to nurture your pregnancy and postpartum body.

Three full length classes and an image and video library with exercise modifications to help you take the guesswork out of moving safely through every phase of pregnancy and postpartum.

Join Dailey instructors who have navigated pregnancy and postpartum to learn the modifications needed to move through each trimester and postpartum recovery.

With Pre Post Natal you will:

  • Gain confidence in knowing how to nurture your changing body in any barre class

  • Understand the unique body shifts that occur and how to properly embrace and change with them in a safe way

  • Learn transferable modifications for most fitness modalities

  • Work with diastasis (abdominal splitting) in a safe and effective way

Take the guesswork out of movement and modifications throughout your pregnancy journey. 

The Pre Post Natal Program includes:

-3 full length barre classes with students in all trimesters

-Targeted for modifications and optimal experience for pre/post natal clients

-Images and videos for 20+ exercises with modifications

strong, empowered and supported

The Dailey Method kept me strong throughout my pregnancy and beyond. Physically, I felt empowered and connected to my body as I moved through the different stages. More importantly, I feel mentally ready and supported by a knowledgeable community of mothers. I’m so grateful I had my Dailey Method practice. -Di Dailey Method Larkspur


Who should sign up for this course?

This program is designed for any stage of pregnancy or postpartum, and those recovering from stomach surgery.

Do I get to keep the program after I complete it?

Yes! Pre Post Natal is yours to keep forever. 

How much time do I need for Pre Post Natal?

Pre Post Natal includes 3 full length barre classes as well as a image and video library to refer to.

Do I need equipment for Pre Post Natal?

No other props besides weights (household items work too, as long as equal weight is in each hand) and a device to follow the workout.

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